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Hoosier Fight Club | HFC 5

October 15th, 2010 | Author:
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Hoosier Fight Club 5

Cagecraze was present at the very nice Porter County Expo & Event Center for Hoosier Fight Club 5 for another excellent all amateur card.  The night featured promising amateur fighters Aaron Noel, Bryant Whitaker, Devin Miller, Ralph Nurse, Nick Wayne, James Porter, Brady Hovermale, Terry House and a host of other young talent. An awesome National Anthem rendition on guitar gets the action started.

Eric Black vs. David Bernes

Both fighters come out timid with Black making the first contact with a leg kick and following with a quick combo, to which Bernes returns a hard right and a kick.  After a flurry from both fighters Bernes engages a clinch and lands a hard knee to the midsection of Black. Black returns fire and takes Bernes to the ground and works from the guard.  Bernes is able to set up a triangle which looks to be in deep.  Bernes transitions to an armbar which seems to be very tight.  Black is able to stay composed and works back into the guard of Bernes before passing to half guard and finishing the round with a few punches that land flush.  Round 2 Bernes comes out with a glancing superman punch but doesn’t land clean.  After a combo from Black, Bernes decides to shoot for a takedown and after a bit of a struggle is able to get the fight to the ground.  Black works to sweep from the guard as  Bernes looks to post up and land short elbows.  Referee Jeff Malott stands them up and they work from their feet for a short while before Black is able to duck a lazy hook from Bernes and takes him down with ease.  The round ends with Black landing some shots from half guard.  Round 3 begins with both fighters exchanging some kicks and some lone punches.  Black shoots in and takes Bernes down with a single to a double and works from inside the guard.  Bernes lands some elbows from guard before Black passes to half before the round ends.  Eric Black wins via Split Decision over David Bernes.

Drew Walters vs. Brandon Bolt


Bolt throws and lands an overhand right

The fighters come out swinging with Bolt landing hard with Walters sending one back his way.  Bolt rocks Walters up against the cage and tee’s off with hard punches that  flash KO’s Walters against the cage after another punch that wakes him up Bolt  takes the fight to the ground momentarily before standing back up to land more heavy punches on Walters for the rest of the round.  Round 2, Walters comes out the aggressor controlling the center of the cage before both fighters exchange hard over hand rights.  Bolt comes on strong mid round and starts to land solid punches that open up a cut under the left eye of Walters.  Walters catches a kick and lands an over the top right hand that sends Bolt to the mat before the end of the round.  Round 3,  Walters once again comes out strong landing multiple kicks to the lead leg and midsection of Bolt, in the blink of an eye Bolt swings an overhand right that lands on the button and sends Walters crashing to the canvas for a stunning KO victory.  Bolt KO’s Walters at 1:09 of the 3rd round.

Jason Johns vs. Jordan Mitchell

Johns comes out and lands a quick jab before he is overwhelmed by punches from Mitchell and ends the fight quick with unanswered punches that force referee Jeff Malott to call an end to the bout 0:44 in the first round.

Dave Kreiner vs. Nate Wacnik


Kreiner shakes off the triangle attempt

Wacnik came out ready to go but can’t seem to find his range as his attacks come up short.  Kriener stays patient and gets a takedown against the cage when he is ready to attack.  Wacnik threatens with a guillotine attempt but does not retain guard and Kriener is able to pass to side control and land some elbows before the round closes.  Round 2 starts same as the first with Wicnik missing his mark on the feet and Kriener is able to clinch and take Wicnik down but is soon met with a deep triangle attempt which looks to close the deal but Kriener is able to remain calm and slips his way out and finish the round with another takedown. The final round begins much the same as the previous two with Kriener getting the fight to the ground early.  Wicnik sets up another triangle attempt but this time Kriener is able to stand up and push the legs off to avoid the submission.  The round ends with Kriener landing elbows from within the guard. Dave Kriener wins via unanimous decision (30-27) over Nate Wacnik.

Devon Cole vs. Devin Miller

Miller controls the cage early and works for a takedown after Cole comes in swinging wildly.  Cole is able to reverse the takedown and ends up in the guard of Miller.  Miller throws up an armbar attempt in which Cole is able to standup and slams Miller two times before he drops a knee to Miller’s head and Referee Don Clift steps into stop the action after the foul.  Cole is penalized a point.  Miller is unable to continue 1:04 seconds into the first round.  Devin Miller wins via disqualification at 1:04 seconds in the first round as a result of a foul by Devon Cole.

Terry House vs. Brady Hovermale

Hovermale comes out strong landing a left that drops House momentarily before giving him a kick to the head on the way up.  Hovermale gets double under hooks and takes House down and works a brabo choke from a front headlock position.  House is able to work his way to the feet and press Hovermale against the cage and eventually stop a throw takedown to wind up on top of Hovermale.  House passes to side control and lands some hard punches and elbows as Hovermale works to retain guard.  Round 2, begins with a flurry and Hovermale working for a takedown but ending up on his back but quickly locks up a guillotine closes guard and coaxes House to sleep 0:45 into round 2.  Hovermale wins via submission (guillotine choke) over Terry House at 45 seconds in the second round.

Ralph Nurse vs. Brandon Slabaugh


Nurse picks Slabaugh up for another big slam

Nurse comes out looking to land some hard shots and quickly takes Slabaugh to the mat and works from his guard.  After numerous sweep attempts Slabaugh locks on a kimura that forces Nurse to step over to north-south to defend.  After turtling momentarily Slabaugh is able to scramble and end up in Nurse’s guard to end the first round.  Round 2 starts with Slabaugh landing a kick and looking to close the distance and get the takedown he attempts a guillotine but is took down by Nurse and is mounted.  After a scramble to the feet Nurse scores another takedown and slams Slabaugh to the mat and takes his back.  After a strange standup due to confusion of the round being over, Nurse takes his opponent down and takes the back but cannot hold the position and Slabaugh rolls into his guard. Round 3 starts with Nurse walking through his opponents punches to return some hard straights of his own pushing his opponent into the cage where Nurse picks him up and slams him to the mat once again.  Nurse works short elbows from within Slabaughs guard to end the final round.  Ralph Nurse wins via unanimous decision over Brandon Slabaugh.

Anthony Moore vs. James Porter


Porter throws one of many vicious kicks

Both fighters coming out with a strong kicking focus in their striking after several kicks from each fighter Porter prevails with a head kick followed by a body kick that sends Moore into the cage.  Porter snatches up a single leg and dumps his opponent to his back.  Moore doesn’t fold though and is more than willing to swing from his back but Porter is able to get Moore’s back but falls off after an armbar attempt.  After they scramble to the feet and trade more kicks, Porter is able to get another single leg take down and ends the round by taking the back of Moore again.  Round 2 begins with Porter looking the fresher of the two, and resumes his game plan from the previous round and takes Moore down once again passes to mount, and takes the back.  Porter sinks his arm under the chin and gets the tap due to rear naked choke 1:26 in the second round.

Mike Manns vs. Brandon Thomerson

Thomerson comes out looking to land early but gets too wild and allows Manns to duck a punch and take him down and immediately passes to mount where he lands numerous elbows before Thomerson is able to escape for a moment before he is mounted once again.  Manns lands some heavy shots which Thomerson cannot defend and the ref calls an end via TKO at 1:21 in the very first round.

Co-Main Event

Nick Wayne vs. Bryant Whitaker

Whitaker lands first with a straight right while Wayne is unable to find his range with a number of shots.  Whitaker lands with a superman punch and initiates the clinch but is forced to his back after a failed lateral throw.  Wayne is able to defend a triangle attempt from Whitaker and steps around to attempt a Peruvian necktie but is unable to finish and Whitaker escapes and ends the round with some punches from guard. Round 2 begins with each fighter exchanging leg kicks and Wayne shooting in and gets the takedown but is met with a guillotine and forcing the tap at 42 seconds into the 2nd round.

Main Event

Aaron Noel vs. Justin Ruggio


Ruggio attempts to finish Noel

Noel comes out on fire and catches Ruggio’s kick and sends him into the cage and unleashes a barrage of short punches from the top.  Ruggio scrambles to his feet and defends Noels relentless attack.  Both men trade hard punches each which rock the other with Ruggio landing the one that matters and sends Noel  shooting in for a takedown and Ruggio lands elbows from the top as Noel is only able to hold on to his leg.  The ref steps in and has the doctor look at the cut above Noels left eye.  The action resumes and Noel comes out swinging and catches Ruggio and sends him on a retreat to try and avoid the onslaught to end the round.  Round 2 begins and everyone is on their feet with a deafening roar from the opposing camps fans.  Ruggio shoots in and takes Noel down and works elbows from Noels half guard.  Ruggio is able to pass to mount and lands short elbows from the top position and ends the round with a flurry of punches.  Round 3 starts with the fighters still trying to recover from the previous round, with only a few strikes being thrown and none of which landing.  Ruggio is able to take Noel down and escape a guillotine attempt and works to take the back of Noel. The round ends with Ruggio landing punches from mount.  Justin Ruggio wins via unanimous (29-27, 29-28, 30-28)  decision over Aaron Noel.

Quick Results:

Eric Black defeated. David Bernes via Split Decision (30-27 Black, 29-28 Bernes, 30-27 Black)

Brandon Bolt defeats Drew Walters via KO in1:09 of the 3rd Round

Jordan Mitchell defeats Jason Johns via Referee stoppage due to Strikes in 0:44 of the 1st Round

Dave Kreiner defeats Nate Wacnik via a Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Devin Miller takes the Win over Devon Cole  via Disqualification due to kneeing a downed  opponent.  In 1:04 of the 1st Round

Brady Hovermale defeats Terry House via Guillotine Choke in 0:44 of the 2nd Round

Ralph Nurse defeats. Brandon Slabaugh via Unanimous Decision (30-27)

James Porter defeats Anthony Moore via Tapout due to Rear Naked Choke in 1:26 of the 2nd Round

Mike Manns defeated Brandon Thomerson via Referee Stoppage due to Stikes in 1:21 of the 1st Round

Co-Main Event

Bryant Whitaker defeats Nick Wayne via Tapout due to Guillotine Choke in 0:42 of the 2nd Round

Main Event

Justin Ruggio defeats Aaron Noel via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-28, 30-28)

Hoosier Fight Club – HFC 4

June 12th, 2010 | Author:
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Although Mother Nature played a major role in the evening’s events, Hoosier Fight Club Promoter Danielle Vale hosted her fourth event in front of a packed house at the U.S. Steel Yard in Gary, IN.

Kolosci finishing Fioravanti

In a huge upset the main event put LA Boxing/Gilbert Grappling, former member of Ultimate Fighter Season 6 John Kolosci (14-7) against American Top Team, former UFC fighter Luigi Fioravanti (17-8). As the fight begins John lands a big right that sends Luigi to the mat stunned badly. John quickly gets Luigi’s back and applies a Rear Naked Choke at 0.42 seconds of Rd.1.
John stated “This was the biggest win of my career and my toughest opponent, I trained for a 3rd fight it ended a bit quicker then what I wanted it to, but I’ll take it”

The Co-Main event was an amazing fight putting Team Torres Anthony Gomez (10-1) VS. Team Alliance Lew Polley (9-4) both fighters came out strong and exchange back and forth quickly. Anthony getting the better of the striking Lew body locks him and slams Anthony. He quickly gets back up and starts throwing his hands, Lew gets another shot and ground and pounds to finish the round.

Gomez lands a srtaight right

As rd. 2 starts Anthony quickly releases his hands and pushes Lew against the cage and lands a few knee’s to the body. They continue to exchange with Anthony pushing Lew against the cage and landing clean shots. Lew shoots in and slams Anthony again, but quickly gets full guard as they exchange punches on the ground to finish the round .
Final round Lew quickly lands a nice combo and Anthony stands there and throws right back. They continue to exchange. Lew shoots a strong double and puts Anthony on his back hard. Lew continues to work his Ground and Pound with a few seconds left Anthony goes for a Triangle and that’s the end of the fight. Gomez earning the win via Split decision Judges scores 29/28 Gomez 29/28 Polley 29/28 Gomez
After the fight Anthony stated “I am ready for anyone, anywhere, anyplace” with this win it is easy the biggest win of his career. “I am ready for the big show but if not I’ll continue to fight small shows to prove I can beat the best”

In the evenings other pro fights:

St. Charles MMA Josh Sampo (2-0) and LA Boxing Jake Rosenbaum (0-1) gave all fans in attendance one of the best contested fights of the night. Jake making his pro debut came out fast and took Josh down quickly and started to try and pass. Josh worked back to his feet and both traded again. The fight continued to be a back and forth exchange of punches, takedowns and defense but in the 3rd Josh gets Jake back early and works hard until he secures the Rear Naked Choke at 0.57 for the win.

360 MMA Josh Robinson (4-1) went against Team Colon Mike Welch (0-1) Mike Welch making his Pro debut hit a takedown quickly and worked his ground and pound. Josh worked back up to their feet and started throwing combos. Mike had trouble dealing with Josh standup and takedown defense but continued to push hard to get a few take downs. Josh continued to get back up until late in the round Josh got a sweep and worked to mount and was able secure the Rear Naked Choke @ 4:22 of Rd. 1

Dino Costeas and Gilbert Grappling Mark Miller (10-5) made easy work of Super Kicks Martial Arts Charles Wilson (7-10) as he easily dominated all 3rd Rd. with big shots and great takedowns receiving a Unanimous decision.

Total Jiu Jitsu Robbie Nieto (2-0) went against Team Colon John Cantu (1-1) in a back and forth war. Both fighters landing big shots, working good ground and pound all 3rd Robbie win by Unanimous decision.


James Porter (765 COMBAT CLUB) Def. Josh Bulak(NO COMMENT) Rd. 2 .37 Ref Stoppage
Nick Wayne (LA BOXING) Def. Brandon Slabaugh (BASEMENT BOYS) Rd.2 1.09 Verbal Tap Out
Brady Hovermale (765 COMBAT CLUB) Def. Jorge Gonzales (TEAM COLON) Unanimous Decision
Phil Nurse (LA BOXING) Def. Brandon Thomerson (MAKAME MMA) Tap out Standing Guillotine
Leo Husarik (BLOODY KNUCKLES) Def. Luke Austin (PAC MMA) Rd.2 2.35 Rear Naked Choke
Terry House (LA BOXING) Def. Jacob Morales (EXTREME MA) Rd. 3 Decision 29/28
Josh Sampo (2-0 St. Charles MMA) Def. Jake Rosenbaum (0-1 LA BOXING) Rd. 3 0.57 Rear Naked Choke
Josh Robinson (4-1 360 MMA) Def. Mike Welch (0-1 TEAM COLON) Rd. 1 4.22 Guillotine
Mark Miller (10-5 DINO COSTEAS/GILBERT GRAPPLING) Def. Charles Wilson (7-10 SUPERKICK MA) Unanimous decision
Robbie Nieto (2-0 TOTAL JIU JITSU) Def. John Cantu (1-1 TEAM COLON) Decision
Anthony Gomez (10-1 TORRES MARTIAL ARTS) Def. Lew Polley (9-4 TEAM ALLIANCE) Split Decision
John Kolosci (14-7 LA BOXING/GILBERT GRAPPLING) Def. Luigi Fioravanti (17-8 AMERICAN TOP TEAM) Rd. 1 0.42 RNC

Fights Canceled (due to time restraints)

Chris Sizemore (PAC MMA) VS. Brandon Delprado (TEAM COLON)

Photography Credit:

Special thanks to Thomas M. Rozdzynski for his contribution to the article with these action shots. For more great shots of this event, as well as many more please visit –

HFC 3 – Hoosier Fight Club 3

April 3rd, 2010 | Author:
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Hoosier Fight Club followed up its historic January event – Indiana’s first sanctioned professional fight card – with an all-amateur card Friday night at the Porter County Expo in Valparaiso.  Paul and Danielle Vale treated MMA fans in “Da Region” to yet another fun-filled night of knockouts, submissions, and all-around exciting fights.

Noel puts the finishing touches to the TKO

In the main event of the evening featuring two heavyweights, after an evenly-matched opening period, Dallas Woods spent the second round working ground-and-pound from inside Aaron Noel’s half guard.  In the third, Woods stuffed Noel’s initial takedown attempt but struggled from there, gassing just a minute into the round.  Noel stuffed a tired takedown attempt by Woods, then began hammering away on his turtled opponent.  From there it was only a matter of time until the ref was forced to intervene, giving Noel the TKO victory 2:06 into the third round.

In the night’s co-main event, LA Boxing’s Jake Rosenbaum took full mount against Matt Baker about 90 seconds into their fight, got separation soon after, and began raining down some punishment.  Baker desperately worked to defend but had no answers.  Baker gave up his back and then got knocked out with several devastating strikes from Rosenbaum.  The end came 2:37 into a very one-sided fight.

Ryan Story notched an impressive first round submission against veteran IBJJA fighter Justin Curtis.  Story deftly neutralized Curtis’s offense, and secured a d’arce choke on a takedown attempt by Curtis.  From there Story wrenched the neck and elicited a quick tap.  The end came 2:05 into the fight, officially from a d’arce choke but more likely by neck crank.

"Submission of the Night"

As impressive as Story’s finish was, submission of the night honors went to Sam Agushi.  Terry House flattened Agushi with a devastating right just seconds into their fight, but Agushi somehow maintained his senses enough to weather the ground assault from House that followed.  House worked knees from side control and appeared to be dictating the action.  Somehow, incredibly, Agushi slipped his leg around House’s head and set up an inverted triangle choke.  House’s tapout wasn’t caught in time and he was put to sleep, giving Agushi a stunning submission victory 1:45 into the fight.

In the evening’s other action:

Kathryn secures full mount

Kathryn Gardiner stifled Katie Fry with good guard work, then rolled Fry into full mount, brutalized her with strikes, and elicited the tapout soon after Fry gave up her back.  Gardiner’s submission victory, due to strikes, came 1:43 into the fight.

Josh Dawson sprawled nicely on Ron Marshall’s double-leg takedown attempt, then quickly took Marshall’s back to finish the fight 2:09 into the first round by a rear naked choke.

Jorge Gonzalez got the better of David Shoemaker for three rounds of action, prevailing in a unanimous 30-27 decision.

Cody Martin prevailed in a split decision over Ryan Embry.

"Fight of the Night" (L) Ralph Nurse (R) Mike White

Ralph Nurse and Mike White staged a thrilling three-round battle in the fight of the night.  White won the first two rounds on the judges’ scorecards, then desperately hung on in the third as Nurse nearly finished the fight with punishment from full mount.  Nurse’s inability to close out the fight in the waning seconds ultimately cost him a unanimous 29-28 decision loss.

Joey Ross showed a lot of heart and grit against Mike Choucalas, surviving a first round in which Ross had several teeth knocked out.  In the second though, Choucalas sprawled on a Ross takedown, then overwhelmed Ross with punches and knees, forcing referee Don Clift to intervene 1:23 into the round.

Mike Mann completely used and abused an overmatched Jon Williams en route to a lopsided TKO victory 1:45 into the fight.

In the opening fight of the night, Alex Miller quickly worked out of Jarred Ewick’s guard, jumped to full mount, and nearly secured a vicious armbar from back mount when Ewick gave up his back.  Ewick’s escape was short-lived, as Miller quickly took mount again and secured a rear naked choke 2:10 into the fight after Ewick rolled.

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